Friday, February 18, 2011

The Map

All 18 States in Tricopia are based on a map showing the interactions of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Each State has its direct opposite, shown in this chart:

These are the heart of Tricopia. Every move is dictated by these scores.

The Beginning

I am not a professional, but I like to play games. I've played D&D and maybe too many RPG video games than my share.
Me and some friends wanted to play D&D a while back, so I began to come up with an adventure. Fairly soon, I became frustrated with all the complex and sometimes nonsensical rules. I like to think that I'm pretty creative, so I began to create my own game rules, abilities, creatures and world. My friends really like it so far, but it is a little lacking in content at the moment.
The documents are not very structured right now, but they are still viewable.

I'm only one guy, and I can't do this by myself. It's amazingly fun, but the ol' well of inspiration likes to run dry. Any criticism, content, ideas or praise, preferably praise, is welcome. Enjoy... TRICOPIA!